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Does this scenario sound familiar? You are watching a movie and the characters on screen are whispering to one another in barely audible tones. You reach for the remote and crank up the volume on the stock stereo speakers in your flat panel TV. You can now hear the hushed conversation and you put the remote down, ready enjoy the unfolding story on screen.

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Captain EO

Watching the new Tron: Legacy movie in 3D, recently, reminded me of another 3D movie I saw many years ago (late 80’s) as a child living in central Florida.  I remember fondly standing in the second crowded holding area in a building inside of Epcot center.  We were waiting to watch the the new 3D spectacular: Captain EO, starring none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. This movie ran from 1986 up until 1997 when it was replaced by the Honey I Shrunk The Audience attraction. In July of 2010 Captain EO was reopened.

What’s Home Cinema, and why should I care? PDF Print Email


If your reading this you’ve probably heard of “Home Theater” before, but have you heard of “Home Cinema”?  Is there a difference?  Should you care? Can you get a Home Cinema? 

A common thought, or misconception, is that a home theater or home cinema is the same thing, however there are some very definite differences.  

A home Cinema is taking the Cinema experience and putting it in your home.  A home theater is having a big screen and surround sound.

A home cinema will recreate the movie in your home exactly how the director wanted that movie to look and sound.  A  home theater can give you a good to great experience, but will ultimately be different from the original in some way.

Saying all this let’s not forget that a home theater can be an amazing experience.  A home cinema ,though, can take that experience and crank it up a few notches.  A home cinema will give you a great experience every time you watch something, whether it’s a movie, music videos, games, or even the news.  

Here’s a small list of some of the differences between a Home Theater and a Home Cinema: